Atlanta - Carat Carylon Brown, Pres.

The Atlanta Carats 

The Atlanta Chapter of CARATS, Incorporated was installed in 1971.  Charter members are:

Shirley Ashley

Inez Fain

Miriam Johnson

Gloria Jones

Jackie Lomax

Carrrie Mitchell

Lillian Rance

Gwen Stewart

Charlotte Turk


Atlanta Carats hosted National Conclaves in 1978, 1986, 1997 and most recently 2010.  Carats have supported various charitable and civic causes, including: 

Denise  McClendon Performing Company
McClendon School of Dance, Incorporated
Multiple Sclerosis Society Atlanta, GA


Continuing the Legacy of CARATS, Incorporated, Atlanta Carats are Charming, Actively involved in the organization and in the communities in which they live, Appreciative of our heritage, Truthful and Sincere.