In May, 1959, the New York Chapter officially installed a chapter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into the PIVOTS organization. As the women in both groups relocated and developed other associations, new chapters evolved in various cities. After some time and installations of chapters in Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, Detroit, MI, Macon, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC, and New York, NY, PIVOTS was reorganized and took on the name of CARATS, Incorporated.

In 1975, a new creed of Sisterhood was created: “We are CARATS, Charming individuals who are Actively involved in our organization and communities. We are Responsible women, Appreciative of our heritage, and Truthful and Sincere in our endeavors.” The official motto of the organization became “Embracing Dimensional Friendships.

The Philadelphia Chapter of the CARATS, Inc. was installed into the National organization on April 12, 1980. The Philadelphia CARATS were previously members of two other organizations, PIVOTS and CLUB STARACs.

Three members, Peggy Epps, Irma Brooks and Percenia Johnson met and talked about the group becoming affiliated with the CARATS, Inc., how much they enjoyed traveling bi-annually to other cities with the group when they were a part of the PIVOTS, and how they missed seeing their old friends. After that meeting, the group met with other former members of the PIVOTS and contacted the CARATS to start the process to have CLUB STARACS become a Chapter of CARATS, Inc.

The Charter Members of the Philadelphia Chapter of CARATS, Inc. are Irma Brooks, Alice Cannon, Laura Cousins, Peggy Epps, Gwendolyn Gates Hewett, Mae Hadfield, Percenia Johnson, Delores Lewis Elam, Wilhelmina Simpkins, and Helen (Mikki) Webb.

Peggy Epps was the first President of the Philadelphia CARATS. Martha Young was National President from 1986-88. Cheryl Mason-Dorman, Chapter President, is currently serving as the 2009-2011 1st National Vice President and was National Historian from 2007-2009. Dr. Cleopatra Figgures served as National Historian from 2005-2007.

Current chapter officers are:

President:  Brenda Willingham
Vice President:  Claudia Averette-Williams
Recording Secretary:  Karen Daye-Motley
Cooresponding Secretary:  April Rawlings
Financial Secretary:  Jennifer Plummer-Davis
Treasurer:  Deborah Purnell-Otey