The Chesapeake CARATS started in 1996 as the Chesapeake Belles.  The initial group agreed to meet once a month at a restaurant selected by the hostess.  Our primary goal was to simply eat, drink and be merry while enjoying our newly forged friendships.  The group was founded by Evelyn Roberson in Chesapeake Virginia.  Our founder hand picked the charter members.  Maria Herbert, Gaylene Kanoyton, Pearl Maddox and Martha Hall are all charter members. Evelyn decided to hand pick ladies that she was unfamiliar with to create new friendship among an interesting and attractive group of ladies.  After being organized for a few years we collectively decided to link our group with a national group that had the same basic concept as the Belles.  After countless hours of hard work, a site visit and a weekend of  fun the Belles became “The Chesapeake CARATS” on April 10, 1999.