In 1973, Romayne Clay and Mattie Fonvielle had a vision for the Professional Women of Macon, GA.  Their dream was to bring the elite nationally acclaimed PIVOTS INCORPORATED to a southern city, Mrs. Clay, who was a close friend of Mattie Fonvielle, remained a crucial ally for Mattie Fonvielle, until the scope of the undertakings and the future possibility of a chapter being organized in Macon.

Originally, it had become difficult to begin an organization of this magnitude because there were fewer ladies interested, and many were unfamiliar with its national acclaim and the significance it held for them.  So, Mattie Fonvielle solicited the aid of Eva Bonner and Lillie Wimberly to assist her in recruiting other eligible members.

In September, 1973, after a successful recruitment of twelve professional ladies, they
organized themselves as the Women of Distinction.  After holding this membership for one year, this determined group of ladies believed that they could now be reorganized by the nationally acclaimed PIVOTS.  The National Vice President, Adlaide Miller, Detroit Chapter was sent to Macon to determine if the Women of Distinction was worthy of membership into this elite organization.  A charter was issued and in November, 1974, the following members became known as the Macon’s Chapter of PIVOTS, INCORPORATED:

Eva G. Bonner
Dorothy Z. Brown
Mattie F. Dunn
Jesse Green
Helen R. Jones
Lillie W. Wimberly
Louise Brumfield-Emeritus
Robbie Metts-Emeritus

In grand sophisticated style, the Women Of Distinction were inducted into PIVOTS at the S & S Cafeteria (Walnut Street Banquet Unit) at the twelve noon luncheon.  It was a chic, auspicious occasion with out-of-town members/guests totaling one hundred twenty-five from each of the seven chapters –  Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, New York and Washington, D.C. Those who had spouses brought them and they resided in the (then) Hilton Hotel Friday through Sunday.

The Friday Night Activity was held at Lillie Wimberly’s home.  It was like a mutual admiration event; everyone glad to see one another, especially to see the new (to be) members.  The repast was prepared by Lillie Wimberly and was a full meal with several different hors d’oeuvres.  The music was furnished by Carateers James Jones and Albert Wimberly via records.

The Saturday Night Affair was held at the Hilton Hotel.  It was a black tie affair and   everyone enjoyed themselves and wined and dined on a scrumptious meal prepared by the hotel.  Everyone danced the night away! All members expressed how overjoyed they were to have the Macon ladies affiliated with PIVOTS.

The calling from PIVOTS was clear – Reorganization, Reorganization, Reorganization!!!
Several meetings were held in Silver Springs, Maryland and the challenges were attacked.  Roberta Wise was the initial change agent with her committee. Several other committees grew out of the initial committee, thus really getting all of the challenges accomplished.

The event in Boca Raton was called a CONCLAVE; it was to be a three day event.  Also, it was felt that conference was too commonly used, thus conclave.  At that time the conclave was held in June rather than July.  Some of the Macon Chapter PIVOTS, Inc. departed Thursday evening, June 26, 1975 for the National Resort Meeting at the luxurious PINK PALACE at Boca Raton.

The resort is known for its impeccable service, gourmet cuisine, Spanish gardens, walks
along the beach and fashionable company.  The Macon Chapter, along with their husbands, joined members of other chapters – Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, New York, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

The three-day conclave extended to Miami Beach and Nassau following many gala affairs.  The affairs were so different from any we had attended.  This is our first and we truly enjoyed it!!!

The Interim name for the organization was PACERS.  At the close of this meeting, the following had been accomplished: Located a new attorney, established an ad hoc committee to rewrite the constitution, by-laws and guidelines.  We appointed a nominating committee for the slate of 1976. To ensure that no one could use the new name, we incorporated and then made preparations for appointed officers/chairpersons that would be needed for our new CARATS group.


Dr. Doris H. Adams  ‘ 94
Mary Lois Bland       ‘ 83
Beauford Broady       ‘ 81
Janet Causey           ‘ 78
Dr. Dorothy Contech ‘ 88
Mary Edward            ‘ 95
Berdia Felder            ‘ 94
Dr. Norma Givens      ‘ 01
Dr. Mary Houston      ‘ 83
Wendell Howard        ‘ 86
Estella Hunter           ‘ 87
Liza M. Jackson        ‘ 86
Ruth Johnston           ‘ 77
Ursula Lynch             ‘ 00
Susie J. Mathis         ‘ 78
Evelyn B. Nichols      ‘ 85
Helen Vinson            ‘ 81


Beatrice Martin          Chartered member
Frazier McCrary         ‘ 85
Essie Paschal           ‘ 76

Compiled by:  Florence Simpson